Why DLT Registration Is Required For Your Business

If you are a telecom service provider, this blog post will serve as an informative reminder to ensure your business is compliant with the Digital Ledger Technology / DLT registration requirements. TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India) has launched a rule that it is mandatory for every telecom service provider to do DLT Registration for their business.

A new set of rules have been released to control the SMS spam in India. Prior, bulk SMS providers were required to DLT registration at TRAI but with this update anyone who wants to send promotional or transactional messages must also be a digitally registered company so that they can stay compliant and transparent while still giving their customers what they want: affordable communication services!

What Is DLT Registration

Well, DLT or say, Distributed Ledger Technology is a registration system that is based on Blockchain. In this, the Ledger will be made for every transaction by your company network participants. TRAI makes it compulsory for every business to have DLT Registration because, ultimately, it will secure the customer.

Blockchain technology is one of the most exciting advancements in recent years. It is a new technology that organizations are using to explore how they can use it to improve their business processes. Many companies are starting to look into DLT because of the benefits that it offers including increased security, transparency, and speed of transactions.

We at Arasko have been working hard to ensure that we are able not only meet but exceed TRAI regulations. We have implemented a system which will allow you send SMS messages directly from automation, cutting down on any potential for spam or fraud associated with this communication channel.

How To Do DLT Registration Online

  • Choose as an Enterprise.
  • Click on “No” when asked “Have you registered with any other mobile operator DLT network.
  • Enter your business PAN number.
  • Fill the form.
  • An OTP verification Required.
  • Verify Email ID.
  • Login to the portal.
  • Upload the documents they have asked for.
  • You’ll get your registration number after completing the above steps.
  • Your Enterprise registration ID will be given to you within 72 hours of your KYC upload.

Updated TRAI Rules For Bulk SMS

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recently updated their rules for DLT registration for bulk SMS. This is good news for telecom service providers, as it will allow them to offer additional services and revenue streams to their customers.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has been working on the controversial issue of  bulk SMS for a very long time now. In this regard, TRAI released its recommendations on  “Prohibition of Unsolicited Commercial Calls and Regulation of Existing & New Telecom Payment Schemes” in the interest of consumers.

As per these rules, telecom service providers must now obtain ‘prior express consent’ from users to send promotional messages to them by bulk SMS. This needs to be renewed by users after six months or one year, as per their choice. For this, firms must also ensure that they do not send more than 3 promotional messages (SMSes) and 50 commercial SMSes (bulk SMSes) in a day to the same number.

The regulator has  also made it mandatory for all telecom service providers to appoint a grievance officer to every district in the country. The service providers will have to work out an arrangement with banks or any other agency located at that place for this purpose.

TRAI has also made it mandatory for all traffic exchanges providing DLT registration for bulk SMS facility to maintain logs of their clients and submit these logs to TRAI after every month.

Telecom regulator TRAI has recently released the ‘Prohibition of Unsolicited Commercial Communication’ regulations, which are also known as Do Not Disturb regulations. These regulations clearly define what constitutes unsolicited commercial communication and who is an operator. They also prescribe rules on registration of telemarketers or DLT registration for bulk SMS sellers with Do Not Disturb (DND) registry.

The regulations regulate the use of ‘automatic telephone dialing systems’ or ‘automated calling machines’ to make calls or send SMSes for marketing purposes, which are also known as ‘commercial communication’.

Benefits That Customers Get From DLT Registration

  1. In a world where spam and fraud are becoming more prevalent, it’s important to have measures in place for their elimination.
  2. In this day and age of spam, it’s more important than ever to have measures in place for the elimination.
  3. Separate registration for telemarketers and enterprises is a more transparent way to handle incoming calls. This protects the consumer from receiving nuisance robocalls, as well as giving businesses an accurate account of where they can best position their ads or establish leads by advertising on different platforms during certain hours each day based on how busy those specific times are likely to be.
  4. A customer’s consent is required before sending the SMS, even if they have selected their slot timing.

DLT Registration Service Providers In India

The transactions of customers are secured and known if a business has Government DLT approval. That is why DLT Registration is mandatory as well as beneficial for your business too.

  • Arasko, is the best and affordable DLT Registration service provider that can register your business in DLT easily for you.
  • You will get genuine and Government DLT approval which will help your business for maintaining ledgers.
  • Arasko also will do SMS content approval for your business, which will further help you in SMS service.
  • We, Arasko will also provide you Sender ID approval for your business from the official government website. 
  • We will provide you Government DLT approval quickly so that you don’t need to wait for long. 

So, if you are the one who wants to or needs to send bulk SMS messages or any type of transactional SMS to your customers, then you must have to contact Arasko for DLT Registration in Delhi Noida NCR India.

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